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Saab Serve have a range of performance items designed to improve the drivability and feel of your Saab. These items include engine kits and suspension items.

Engine Performance:

Saab Serve's engine kits have been developed in-house over many years. The Saab Serve kits are suitable for 900 and 9000 turbocharged cars.

Typical performance improvements from one of our engine kits will see your 'eco' turbo perform better than a standard Aero. Of course, if you want to upgrade an Aero, please call us...

Saab Serve also provide and install the Maptun range of performance kits designed for the Saab 9-3 and 9-5.

Saab Serve can supply BSR & Abbott ECUs. We can also install quality components supplied by you.


Suspension Kits:

Saab Serve can supply and fit a range of suspension performance parts, from Nolathane bushings through to complete chassis enhancements. These range from genuine Saab kits (eg upgrading from the standard suspension to the Aero suspension).

Special  struts manufactured by Sachs are available also from Saab Serve. Sachs is the actual manufacturer of the standard Saab suspension components. Koni and Bilstein struts are available.


Saab Serve can supply and install specialised aftermarket brake components, including rotors, high performance pads, brake lines and specialty fluid.


Saab Serve has fitted numerous cars with engine, suspension or upgrades. This experience ensures we recommend only what will work, reliably, on your Saab.

SAAB Serve

John, from Sydney says:

 I had the engine upgrade kit fitted to my 1996 9000 CS 5M over 90,000 km ago. There was an immediate jump in performance, the car goes like a rocket and is as economical as it ever was. Later, I had a full Aero spring and strut kit fitted (available as Saab part 400 102 521). Body roll is much reduced.

After 210,000 km of Saab Serve service, this car was still running exceptionally well; as well as being economical and quiet.

I loved driving this car. A key reason was Saab Serve. Saab Serve are excellent. There is no-one else in NSW I would trust with a Saab. I sold the car in late 2008 (P-plate driver in the family); its new owner is still bringing it to Saab Serve.

SAAB Serve

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