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Saab Serve Service: For Bookings Please Phone 9630 2795

Saab Serve is a one-stop service shop for the full range of services and repairs to keep your Saab in prime condition.

Saab Serve provides the all scheduled services as per the Saab service schedule. Saab Serve can service Saabs under warranty, without affecting the warranty or voiding any warranty conditions. Saab Serve is  registered for e-safety inspections with RTA NSW.

Saab Serve's range of specialised services includes:


air conditioning and climate control systems


auto electrical


tyres: full tyre replacement service (Maxxis)


registration checks


minor body repairs by arrangement


interior and upholstery repairs by arrangement


gearbox repairs


clutch replacement


engine and cylinder head reconditioning

Saab Serve has all the tooling needed to service your Saab comprehensively, including the latest diagnostic equipment, with fully trained technicians.

An element of Saab Serve's philosophy is 'fix vs replace'. This means the team will work to fix an assembly if that is possible and economic, rather than to replace it. Damaged or worn out parts are replaced as a matter of course.

A particular benefit of having your car serviced by Saab Serve is the personal attention. You get to talk to the person who works on your car. Saab Serve technicians enjoy seeing Saabs running at their best as a result of their attention.

SAAB Serve

Andrew of Chester Hill, NSW, writes:

Like all SAAB nuts, I love their great driving and road holding ability, coupled with their excellent safety features.

You've been looking after me for ten years now and I'm on my third SAAB. It's nice to relax and enjoy the driving experience knowing I've got a specialist like you keeping them in perfect running order. My wife, K, is now a convert and happily drives a 9000 Turbo.

No disrespect intended to the dealers, but they're too impersonal and not for me. I appreciate your personal and prompt attention and your hands-on expertise; in fact if I didn't have you to look after the maintenance, I probably wouldn't still be driving a SAAB at all.

SAAB Serve


Intermediate Oil Changes: Saab Serve recommend you complement your Saab's service schedule with an intermediate oil change, particularly for turbocharged cars. The intermediate oil change is carried out halfway between two of scheduled services. For example, if your car is on a 15,000 km service schedule the intermediate oil change would be carried out at 7,500 km after a service.

Saab Serve has arranged its intermediate oil change service as a 'drop-in' oil change and safety check service, 'while you wait'. This modestly priced service ensures the oil in your car is capable of performing at its best. Running with oil at peak lubricity prolongs the life of all components, in particular


the turbocharger


timing chain


balance chain

These are high cost items to replace.

Oil changes every 5000 - 7500 km help prevent this type of problem.

Saab Serve uses the Valvoline range of oils exclusively (except for certain specialised lubricants).

Service Guidelines:

Saab Serve technicians have over 45 years combined experience servicing the full range of Saab cars, including 99, 900, 9000, 9-3, 9-3 Sports and 9-5. This experience gives us knowledge of what parts are more likely to fail and the cause, and where early attention or a particular service regime will prolong life of a component.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any particular service guidelines for your Saab.

Saab Serve                         Phone (02) 9630 2795