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Service Team

Saab Serve has a team of technicians who really enjoy working on Saabs: making them run well, making them look good and making Saabs drive just right, for you, the Saab owner. There are decades of quality Saab experience in this team.

Grant is the proprietor and director of Saab Serve. Grant joined Saab Serve as a first year apprentice in 1992 where he completed his
Automotive Light Mechanical Technicians course and has been a technician with Saab Serve ever since. Grant is a licensed RTA 
Examiner and a qualified automotive air conditioning technician. Grant holds a Refrigerant Handler's licence.

Grant's aim is to keep providing great service for his Saab customers.

Jeremy joined Saab Serve as an apprentice in 1993. He completed his Automotive Light Mechanical Technicians course and he's still here and enjoying it. Jeremy is the office manager and foreman. Jeremy is a licensed RTA Examiner.

Ted was apprenticed to Rick Damelian Saab. Ted is a fully trained Saab Technician and joined Saab Serve in 2001, where he is now the workshop controller and foreman. Ted's formal training includes Automotive Electrical Technology and Heavy Vehicle Mobile Equipment (Certificate III in each case). Ted is also a qualified diesel technician and a licensed Refrigerant Handler and an RTA Examiner.

Grant, Jeremy and Ted have all done extended courses in Saab technology, including air conditioning, and other specialised technologies.


Heather is Saab Serve's office administrator, and ensures the bills get paid. Heather makes sure the team stays happy.

Saab Serve                         Phone (02) 9630 2795